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Many studies are still unknown about the French Post Office concerning social history, technical history or cultural history. Some of them has been launched, others are in progress or give a state of the question.

Contribution to the Post history during the COVID

By the lock down on March 2021, and its various consequences, La Poste Group has been hit hard because of its human and economical issues. The two of theses texts are dealing, on the one hand, with an history telling about the period getting through by the company directly facing the pandemic, and, on the other hand, with a reflexive reading sheet about the « economy of life » (J. Attali) which could concern the Group La Post.

History of the health at work

Bruno Mahouche, Ph D. in contemporary history (Paris 8) has focused on the question of the industrial health in PTT services. First studies had been leaded by Odile Join-Lambert about the topic of the industrial medecine through several articles in which is developed an institutional and technical organisation’s focus. Bruno Mahouche deals with a gender and bottom down study – the women in the Girochèques centers and the female phone operators - about the rise of the awareness of the industrial or administrativ stress.

History of futur

French Postal history is punctuated by recurrent periods dealing with the futurology, the questions about the futur and the evolution of the services of the French Post Office. On the base of a study realized under the aegis of the Research, Studies, Postal Prospective Institut (IREPP), Sébastien Richez tries to analyze the process through two researches in progress, the first one titled “history of postal futurology”, and the second one titled “about postal utopian ideas”.

History of mobility

French postal history is built on a sustainable root: transportation. It would be a mistake only to considerate it about a letters or parcels application, and an only delivering finality. At several times in its history, the French Post Office has been a transport of persons’ operator, and has been able to make mobile its services to the users.