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With the impetus of the Bouilloux-Lafont group, Aéropostale is created in April 1927. Organized by Didier Daurat, the company inaugurates several lines in the next few years : the South American line, Natal-Buenos Aires in November 1927, which will be extended toward Patagonia thanks to Saint-Exupéry in 1929, the Argentina-Chile line in 1928, etc. Its corps of pilots includes Costes, Guillaumet, Le Brix, Lécrivain, Mermoz and Saint-Exupéry. Affected by the crisis of 1929-1931, however, Aéropostale ceases its activities in 1931 and becomes insolvent in 1932.

aide des Postes (postal assistant)

Only recognized as a complete postal level in 1918, this type of employee was often a woman who worked in small rural offices, assisting the postmistress in postal functions and domestic duties in the office as well as her home.

allège (mail van)

Type of mail van incorporated in a train, in which no letter sorting was executed.

ambulant (travelling postman)

Word of the postal activity, to designate just as well the workers in charge of transporting and sorting the mail by railway or roadway, as the mail van.

arrondissement postal (postal arrondissement)

An administrative district that defined a specific post offices area of operations; postmens rounds were organized within this district.