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CHP´s Publications

CHP edits Le courrier prend les airs. L’aviation postale intérieure en France (Mail in the air. Postal aircraft in France) by Camille Henri, no 15 of the Cahiers pour l’histoire de La Poste, November 2012.

The book deals with the plane, as a new tool of transportation, in the creation of a hexagonal network of mail carrying.

Cinquante ans du secrétariat du Père Noël (1962-2012)

From 1962, La Poste is helping Santa Claus answering to the children who are indicating their address. The huge human chain, which is beginning by the work of the Santa Claus secretaries and finishing with the mailmen delivery, is leading to the right time and right place delivery of the cards. In the context of the 50th anniversary, CHP is proposing on line an exposition of the 15 emblematic cards, which are witnesses of their time, of the Santa Claus representation, but also of a changing La Poste.

50th anniversary of the French Post Office working in the Tour de France (1963-2013)

2013 was the 100st edition of the Tour de France and the 50th anniversary of the French Post Office working in the most famous cycling race in the world too.