Le Comité pour l'histoire

Members and divisions of the CHP, its full-time staff, mission and professional activities.

La recherche historique

Apply for an academic research grant, see a list of completed works and get informations and first results about the works in progress, and read about proposed topics.

Les événements

The CHP’s past and upcoming academic activities: a variety of colloquia, academic and cultural activities in France and throughout the world.

Les publications

The CHP maintains its own library of collections. Order forms for reference works may be downloaded and printed. The CHP also participates in the publication of research on the history of postal services.

Data bases about postal service

CHP offers its documentary files in order to release from the beginning of the 19th century, postal statistics, ministry and advisers chronicles, biographical and professional notices.

The French Post Office historians

The community of scientists and researchers specialized at all or part of the French Post Office history, is rich of profiles. Let you find their references, theirs works and useful links.